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Chargeable event calculator

Use this tool to help calculate the 5% tax deferred withdrawal allowance for UK resident policyholders. Simply enter the premium amounts and dates together with details of withdrawals in the current and previous policy years in the green shaded cells.  Please note that Investment Advice and Ongoing Financial Advice fees facilitated through the bond form part of the calculation and should be included with any other withdrawals.

If an indication of the chargeable event gain on surrender of the policy is also required, please input the current surrender value in the appropriate green cell.

Open the chargeable event calculator

This calculator is not suitable if there has previously been a surrender of policy segments. We do not provide projection calculations, however, if you require a breakdown of transactions; simply contact our Customer Services team on +44 1624 821212 or by email.

Guides relating to UK taxation can be found on the Technical Documents page.